07 June 2018

Tour Announcement


Jimmy Gunn

Jimmy is a Gospel singer and songwriter based in Invergordon.  His musical styles vary from bluegrass, Scottish folk ballads, country, blues and calypso.  His 2013 release “Fly Free” (Produced by Martin Stephenson) is a selection of devotional songs, Psalms and musical compositions. The subject matter covers various aspects of his life’s journey – creative, vocational and spiritual. The album comprises nine tracks which he has written over the past 25 years, together with his own arrangement of the Old Testament Psalms 63 and 107. 00686983

Many of the songs on it are inspired by “people who were hurting”, says Jimmy. A Moment In Time was written about a man on an oil rig who was near to despair. A Song For Africa came from Jimmy’s own visit to Africa and the Xhosa people and a leader called Xcolani who jimmy considered to be a “bright light” Another one of the songs is dedicated to Alison MacDonald – the daughter of the late Rev. Kenny MacDonald, formerly of Rosskeen Free Church, who went missing when travelling in Kashmir, North India, in 1981. Jimmy has a wonderful testimony of the Gods work in his life which he shares through the medium of Song.

Over the years, Jimmy has performed singing Scottish music, was part of a Scottish country dance band, but now often appears in churches across the north with Brian Skinner who also performs regularly with Jimmy.

Jimmy’s Music can be found at https://jimmygunn.bandcamp.com


John Alexander Wilson

John’s style is mature, rich, folky and Biblical. On the one hand, his songs – like any good pop music – have a compelling hook which gets caught in your head.  But, equally, there is depth in the lyrics and sound. A track like ‘Heaven’s Eyes’ from his Eternity album is a powerful reply to the nettlesome question of how a good God can allow suffering in the world. Another track ‘City of God’, condenses the beautiful images of the new Jerusalem at the end of Revelation into a praise anthem. For lyrics, John might be compared to a young Michael Card for a different generation. As for sound, his music can range from the pop trends of Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman to the more folky melodies of Indelible Grace and Stuart Townsend. One of the most exciting things John is currently doing is writing new music for metrical translations of the Psalms.   Over the last couple of years, he has studied in depth the role of the Psalms in the worship of God’s people, how they have been used in the past, and how different groups and churches are singing them today. One of his ambitions is to enable the church in the Highlands to recover Psalm singing using the Celtic sound that is so popular in church and secular music. Along with writing contemporary music for the Psalms,

John’s music can be found on his website johnalexanderwilson.org or on youtube.

If you or your church would be interested in hosting oan event use the contact form below to get in touch.  You can follow us on facebook Here and on John’s Blog Here


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